Indianapolis Colts tight end Kylen Granson celebrates first career touchdown with humorous photoshoot

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Some players score touchdowns on their NFL debuts. But for many, they are made to wait.

That means that when that moment comes, it’s all the sweeter.

That was the case for Indianapolis Colts tight end Kylen Granson who scored his first career touchdown in his 31st game on Sunday.

Shortly before halftime in the Colts’ game against their division rivals, the Houston Texans, Granson caught a short pass from quarterback Gardner Minshew before diving for the endzone.

Although the officials initially ruled he was short of scoring, a review showed that the 25-year-old had indeed broken the plane and it was time to celebrate.

However, in the moment, Granson wasn’t able to celebrate his debut TD in what is his third NFL season.

“They ruined the momentum,” Granson said after the Colts beat the Texans 31-20. “So it was like, we were huddled up, we were looking at a thing and then they called it a touchdown. I’m like, well, now the field goal team’s running out here.”

However, Granson was able to celebrate his moment in the spotlight on social media in the days afterwards.

He posted a series of photos on Instagram with his touchdown ball cradled in a towel alongside his partner, imitating a photoshoot for a newborn child.

Posing with a flower behind his ear, Granson is seen lifting the touchdown ball aloft and tickling its stitching in the series of photos with the caption: “after 3yrs of trying… it’s finally here” and a baby bottle emoji.

Despite the photos, Granson plans to deliver on his preseason promise about what to do with his first touchdown ball.

“I gotta give it to Mom,” Granson said. “She’s gonna cry. It’s gonna be awesome.”

And although he wasn’t able to fully celebrate his maiden touchdown because of the uncertainty around it, Granson assures us he has big plans for his next.

“I’m going all out for the second one, going all out,” Granson said with a smile. “I’m gonna friggin’ pop some champagne. I’m gonna hide it underneath the goalposts.”

Granson was drafted by the Colts in the fourth round in 2021. He’s caught 49 receptions for 463 receiving yards and – now – one touchdown.

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