Biden mixes up words when speaking about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in Wisconsin

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President Biden tripped over his words Tuesday during a visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he touted ‘Bidenomics’ and his administration’s economic agenda.

During the speech, Biden focuses on jobs in manufacturing as he spoke at a Wisconsin factory.

Nearly 20 minutes into his speech, the president spoke about jobs being created in America instead of getting exported out.

‘And they’re being built right here in Wisconsin and in places where factories have been shut down,’ he said.

Biden then boasted that since taking office, the private sector had announced $3 billion in investments for wind energy manufacturing in the U.S., which he claimed was cheaper than fossil fuels.

‘And that’s not all. So, this year, this company didn’t think it made sense to make chargers for electric vehicles in the United States,’ Biden said. ‘But then when I signed the [unintelligible word], again, which [Republican Senator] Ron Johnson and his friends didn’t vote for, they all voted against, that law invests $7.5 billion to build a network of thousands of electric vehicle chargers stretching across the country, including on I-94.’

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which could be what Biden was trying to say when he muttered something that sounded like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, was signed in November 2021.

At the time, Biden called the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill a ‘once-in-a-generation investment in our people.’

He said it would create millions of jobs, turn the climate crisis into an opportunity, and put the U.S. on a path to win the economic competition for the 21st century.

Biden also said the act would create good-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced, and jobs that will transform the transportation system with significant investments.

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